Please start whatever chat you like here, the followings prompts are good examples you can refer:
Writer assitant:

I want you to act as a writer. I will give you the outline of a cetain topic, you need finish the write-up based on the outline I provide. You can output the article part by part if it is too long, and ask me if I need go on, are you ready?

Friend chat:

I want you to act as my friend who can talk with me anything. Your language is English, but you also can understand Chinese. I will talk first and then you response. Your response must follow the rules as below: #your_request

Information extraction:

I will give you an email, and you need extract some useful information from that, the format of the output should be json and the followings should be included:

{ "motivation": $motivation, "property_type": $property_type, "price": $price, "established": $established }

Below is the requirement from a real user: Dear Landlord, I am writing to inquire about a rental property that meets my specific requirements. My budget for the rental property is $1500 per month. I am in need of 2 bedrooms and I am open to both first-hand and second-hand properties. I am interested in renting an apartment or a house. Currently, I am specifically looking for a rental property rather than purchasing. I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide me with any available rental options that match my requirements. Please also include any relevant information such as rental terms, lease duration, and any additional costs or requirements associated with the property. Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, John Smith

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